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Santa Monica


Vibe  |  Trendy, Relaxed, & Beachy

Population  | 92,472

Distance to Ocean  |  Walking Distance

Popular Sites  |  Santa Monica Pier

Known for  |  Ocean Ave, 3rd Street Promenade, Shopping, Restaurants

Architectural Style  | Primarily Spanish & Contemporary

Distance to LAX  | 7.8 Miles / 12.6 Kilometers

Hotspots  |  Ocean 41 & The Bungalow


Santa Monica is another popular beachfront city in western Los Angeles. Santa Monica is known for having a healthy active lifestyle and there are many things to do in the vicinity. Best known for the great Santa Monica Pier with roller coasters and summer concerts in the sand with biking or rollerblading on the boardwalk. Other fun attractions include the 3rd St Promenade outdoor shopping mall, Pacific Park, Main St, the farmers market, and the Santa Monica Stairs.

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