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Award Winning Actress/Singer and Former Miss America

“Juliet Zacarias was a tremendous help when I needed to secure a Westcoast home after being relocated to LA. Her knowledge of the Beverly Hills area was remarkable and her relationships with other Realtors and homeowners made the process very easy. Juliet’s warm and engaging personality is one of her best assets but it’s her honesty and candor that I value most. She’s truly a gem as a Realtor.”


Former California U.S. Senator

“You Are the Best Residential Agent I Have Ever Used!”

Dear Juliet:

My group does business throughout the Southwest and in a total of eleven states. We are involved in over 2000 residential units, hundreds of single-family homes and a dozen commercial properties. I have been in this business for over three decades. I am not easily impressed but I have to say without qualification that you are the best residential real estate agent with whom I have done business! I cannot find enough superlatives to describe how much I appreciated your thoroughness, your willingness to do more than your share of the work, your availability from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. seven days a week, your creativity, your gentle tact and your resolute determination and commitment to getting the escrow closed.

The Bel Air deal you recently closed for $2.85 million was a tough deal. It only had a week from the date it opened until the date it was due to close. There were problems with potential defects and construction issues on the house. There was substantial termite work to be done. There were remodeling issues that needed resolution. You functioned as a defacto architect, contractor, designer and color consultant to work out all of those problems so easily and effectively that you not only made a sale, you enhanced the value of the house. I was shocked to learn that you were only 27 years old as I find it incomprehensible that someone could acquire your level of experience, wisdom and ability to handle problems in less than a decade in this business. Most important of all, when problems emerged, tempers flared and all parties threatened to charge off in multiple directions, you served as mediator, psychologist and resolver of all issues. When anger emerged you used your personality, your wit and your tactful approach to gently guide everyone to completion of the deal.

Would I be eager to use your services again? Absolutely! If anyone ever wants to know how good a job you can do, please ask that person to call me.

My best regards,

ALAN E. ROBBINS, Former United States Senator


Buyer, Seller, & Real Estate Developer 2015

“I’ve worked with Juliet many times on both buys and sales. She is one of the hardest workers in the industry and is available 24/7. She is always the first to bring me great investment opportunities and keep me abreast of the market in real time. On my listings she has set records for my properties as she takes pride in maximizing my return on investments and doesn’t look for the quick sale. I’ve worked with many big name agents in town and none give the level of service that Juliet provides. I look forward to continue working with Juliet.”


Attorney At Law

After carefully considering using several agents (including a family member), I entrusted the transaction for the purchase of my home to Juliet. I am very glad I did. If it weren’t for Juliet, I would not have successfully won the property over other bidders. Juliet’s level of insight and skill were remarkable and seemed second nature. Her specific knowledge of proper pricing strategies resulted in me outbidding 2 others and winning the property by just $250! Juliet is assertive and creative and was also successful in negotiating repair credits on my behalf.

As an attorney who is meticulous with details, Juliet impressed me with how involved and “on top of it” she was. She handled everything from evaluating roofing experts, to having the DWP remove power lines from the roof.

After the deal closed, both the selling agents and the escrow company officer commented on her level of experience, professionalism, and what a pleasure it was working with her. Thank you Juliet.


C.E.O. Todd McFarlin Entertainment

“Thank you for an outstanding job . Selling a home can be a trying experience, and as promised, you delivered with flying colors. We were so happy to sell our home on Genesee within 30 days and with $16,000 more in our pocket than expected. You were right, you were woth the 6%! You worked your tail off but we had a lot of fun as well. We were very impressed with your abilities and results, and are happy to have gained a friend for life in the process. Thanks again!”


“Our home was listed with another well known agent who didn’t give us the attention needed to sell our home. Six months went by with no offers and we decided to replace the agent.

To be honest, when Juliet walked in, my wife and I wondered if this youthful lady was the powerhouse we needed to sell our estate. Her eloquence, articulation, and comprehensive marketing plan gave us the comfort level we needed. Giving a Realtor your listing is always a gamble. We were so glad we made the right choice. Juliet brought us a Buyer who paid the full price ($3.1 Million), in cash, and the home was sold in less than 3 weeks! Juliet is a talented Realtor of whom we are very grateful.

(Juliet and this Beverly Hills Estate were featured on TV, and on the cover of “Homes & Open Houses” magazine.)”


Hired Juliet as Real Estate Agent

“I give Juliet Zacarias the highest possible recommendation. Juliet manages to balance a high level of professionalism with ferocious tenacity, and that’s not easy to do. Anyone who hires Juliet Zacarias as their realtor will be very happy with her results.”


Developer, Forest City Enterprise

“Juliet is a rare find. Tremendously talented, passionate and motivated, precise and diligent…and a wonderful, pure-hearted and kind person to boot. I highly recommend Juliet.”


President, C.O.O. Coldwell Banker

“I write this letter of confidence about Ms. Juliet Zacarias. I have known Juliet for several years and have had the pleasure of watching her career develop into one of the most productive and outstanding we’ve seen in a young agent.

As former manager of Coldwell Banker’s top producing Beverly Hills North office, I knew she had the capability of becoming one of our bright new stars. Her intelligence and life experience, coupled with her relentless work ethic and genuine care for her clients has earned her rankings among the top 10% of Realtor’s Internationally.

Her outstanding track record for having 100% of her listings sell, (never expire, extended or withdrawal) mostly over the asking price, in less than a month, is hardly seen in this business.

I have seen Juliet successfully handle all types of people and transactions. Last year, we received a call from a former U.S. Senator who was represented by Ms. Zacarias, who could not praise her enough for her tremendous job in closing his complex deal.

Juliet goes above and beyond the call of duty, because she truly cares for each of her clients in a personal way. She brings a very human quality to real estate, exemplifying the rare combination of compassion, with the power to make it happen.

I am personally very proud to have Juliet Zacarias in our company, and trust that anyone who is represented by her will feel extremely satisfied.


Betty Graham

President, C.O.O., Coldwell Banker Greater Los Angeles

(* Juliet worked for CB for 5 years prior to Sotheby’s)”


Bernstein Global Wealth Management

“Juliet is a very professional and extremely competent market expert. Her advice is invaluable, particularly in times of market dislocation. It is in this environment where her she is a trusted advisor. I highly recommend Juliet without hesitation.”


Vice President, Coldwell Banker

“Juliet is a star that has already risen. I would recommend her to my closest friends and family members…without hesitation. She is committed, competent and caring and she shines brightly within the real estate industry.”


Owner/publisher, Item Magazine

“When I decided to include California Real Estate in ITEM Magazine, the first person I wanted to work with and include in our pages was Juliet Zacarias. Her reputation so much so preceded her, that even as an Arizona-based publication, we knew who we needed. As one of our Real Estate experts, she always provided us with the latest trends and updates in the market, helping to keep our readers on the cutting edge and in-the-know.”



“I’ve been very impressed with Juliet Zacarias since I first met her in 1998. At the time, what struck me was the depth and clarity of her thinking and goal-setting, even at a young age. Juliet is highly intelligent, creative and gregarious, all qualities that empower her in her chosen profession. A people person, she spends time in understanding her real-estate clients’ needs in depth, then fashions a solution that is unique to each client, as she did for me when I was evaluating purchasing a home in Southern California in 2007. While the deal did not go through, I walked away knowing I had worked with a consummate professional who placed a higher value on personal integrity and customer delight than on closing an opportunity and securing a significant commission and bonus. On a personal level, she is an impressive, warm and engaging woman with a great future ahead of her. Beyond her business sensibilities is her big heart, full of compassion for others, in addition to an incisive intellect, and a commitment to true excellence in all her endeavors. I strongly recommend Juliet for a client-facing role in sales or sales management and am happy to be a reference.”


Loan Officer, Finance West Company

“Juliet is a highly skilled Real Estate Agent who is extremely savvy with regards to an overall understanding of real estate transactions, marketing, and negotiations. She is detail oriented and a good listener with clients and business partners. I would recommend Juliet to any prospective business partner and clients looking to purchase or sell real estate.”


Real Estate Consultant, Coldwell Banker

“Juliet is a true professional who pays attention to details. Very devoted to her career, a great negotiator and closer. Her personal experience in real estate brings a great wealth of knowledge in helping her clients.”



“… One can only describe working with Juliet as an absolute pleasure. She is a skilled professional, savvy of market trends,and incredibly attentive to detail.

Not only is she capable of closing complex transactions, but is genuinely caring of the people she works with. To me, they are of equal importance.”